2016 Activities

FRRL at the Farmers Market:
- Update Oct 13, 2016

The FRRL set up shop at the St. Charles Farmers' Market Sep. 23rd to demonstrate amateur radio and share information about the club.

Photos by Roger, W9YU
2016 Field Day Photos posted:
-Update July 26, 2016

Field Day pictures were shared by Cedrick, WT2P, including areal photos.  Be sure to check them out on the Field Day page.  If you have photos from Field Day or any other FRRL event, please send them to webmaster [at] frrl.org.

FRRL HF Portable radio SIG: June 18, 2016
-Update June 18, 2016
Portable Ops SIG 6/18/2016 - Photo above by Chris, KC9BKS

Harry, K9DXA, has been holding a three class Special Interest Group (SIG) on HF portable operations.  On June 18th the third and final class was held.  Everyone took their radio and antenna out to the field at the Elburn Forest Preserve.  It was a nice turnout of about 10 people with two stations operating.

Portable Ops SIG 6/18/2016 - Photo above by Roger, W9YU 
Zach, W9CLR set up his portable on a picnic table with a dipole in the tree.  Chris, KC9BKS had fun trying out his pedistrian mobile backpack.

Congratulations to the FRRL's new Life Members
March 8, 2016 

Congratulations go out to  newly approved Lifetime Members to the FRRL.

  • W9AN Alan Ahasic
  • K9ARZ Larry Stark
  • W9NJM Doug Totel

Photos by Jason, KB9MEL 

February Program by Mike, K9FE
February 10, 2016

The February program was "Arduino Made Friendly" by Mike, K9FE.  The presentation slides are available on the Program Page

Photo by Chris, KC9BKS 

Ham of the Year announced at the FRRL Banquet!
January 23, 2016 

2015 Ham of the Year is 
Denny Barfuss, W9HI 
Congratulations Denny!

 Click below for photos.

2015 Ham of the Year

Photo by Eric, K9LGE 

General Course offered Jan - Mar 2016 -- by Mike, K9FE
January 6, 2016

 The FRRL announces a new General license upgrade class beginning January 30, 2016.  

See the Education page for details and a flyer.

January Program Announced - by Jason NX9Y
January 6, 2016 

Hello all,

Wanted to inform the membership that there has been a change in the program for the January program.  Harry's program on the IL QSO party has been moved to March.  Instead we will be presented to by the Kane County Coroner.  His presentation will be on the correct status of their communication capabilities, their communication needs (communications between different branches of public services) and how hams could play a part in that communication in case of a large scale incident.

This program was arranged by Don, WA9FZE. 

FRRL Winter Banquet - Saturday Jan 23, 2016  - by Harry, K9DXA
  November 10, 2015

See you at the FRRL Winter Banquet.  Details on the 2016 Banquet page.

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