FRRL Banquet 2015 Photos

Dawn, KC9LQS, FRRL President, presenting the Ham of the Year awart to this year's winnger Mike Urso, K9FE

Harry, K9DXA, Master of Ceremonies and committee chairperson for the 2015 banquet. 

2015 Banquet photos: 

Photos taken by Chris Kennell, KC9BKS:

Photos taken by Denny Barfuss, W9HI: 

Program Speaker:

Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA was licensed in 1961 (WN9AVT), and enjoys propagation, DXing, contesting, playing with antennas, and working on and using vintage equipment. Carl is a graduate of Purdue University, and retired in October 2013. He was an RF design engineer for Motorola and Raytheon (formerly Magnavox).

Carl’s presentation is two‐fold. First, he gave us an update on Solar Cycle 24 and he reviewd the early predictions for Cycle 25, including a discussion of the possibility of entering another Maunder Minimum. 

Second, he reviewed the historical contributions by Amateur Radio operators to the science of radio. He then tied this into ways to bring youth into Amateur Radio to turn around the ever‐increasing average age of those in our hobby and to invigorate clubs.