Do you want to become an Amateur Radio Operator or upgrade your license?

The FRRL offers multi-week classes throughout the year at no charge for people wishing to prepare for their first amateur radio license or for a license upgrade.

For more information contact Allen, KB9VO at:  education [at]

We periodically offer classes in each of the three Amateur Radio License Levels:

  • The Technician Class License is your first Ham radio License.  Interested in Amateur Radio?  This is your starting point to get your FCC License to operate your own Amateur Radio.

  • The General Class License is your next level.  It adds a lot of HF frequencies.

  • The Amateur Extra Class License is the top level.  It gives you privileges for all Ham Radio frequencies.

We are presently offering Amateur Extra and Technician Level Classes:

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FRRL class in progress

January 20 thru March 24, 2018

FRRL and BARS Joint class starting soon

April 7, 2018 thru June 9, 2018