FRRL Morse Code Tutor Project by Greg, N9CHA

Greg Braun, N9CHA

Greg, N9CHA is a past president of the FRRL.  While here, he created the FRRL Morse Code Tutor Project which is a series of recordings to help you learn or review Morse Code.
Below are weekly lessons for you to play directly from here or download to practice at your convenience.

While a Morse Code (CW) test is no longer required for any class of Amateur Radio License, it is still a popular mode which cuts through the static in a weak signal environment.

Thanks to Larry, K9ARZ for reminding us about this course.

A special thanks also to Greg, N9CHA for creating these recordings and allowing us to continue to use them.

FRRL CW Week 1.mp3

FRRL CW Week 2.mp3

FRRL CW Week 3.mp3

FRRL CW Week 4.mp3

FRRL CW Week 5.mp3

FRRL CW Week 6.mp3

FRRL CW Week 7.mp3

FRRL CW Week 8.mp3

FRRL CW Week 9.mp3