FRRL Sponsors Worked All Illinois Counties Award

The Worked All Illinois Counties award is available to amateurs who have contacted at least one amateur radio operator in 62 or more Illinois counties [map]. A basic certificate is available for mixed band and mixed mode for 62 counties, an advanced certificate for 82 counties, and a grand certificate for all 102 Illinois counties worked. Endorsements for specific bands/modes/etc. are available at each of the levels.

It is possible to earn combinations of awards, although a separate application and record sheet should be submitted for each certificate.
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1.  Any licensed amateur radio operator may qualify for this award by contacting licensed amateur radio stations in 62, 82, or all 102 Illinois counties.

2.  Contacts must be direct station-to-station contacts using any mode (no cross-mode contacts). Contacts made through terrestrial repeaters or digipeaters are not eligible toward this award. Satellite contacts are permitted.

3.  Portable and mobile units may be worked, but records must indicate the county.

4.  Applicant must possess confirmation, such as physical QSL cards for each county that details the station worked, date, time, frequency, mode, and county.

5.  Send the completed application and record sheet to the address below:

Mail completed application to:

c/o  Lawrence O. Shaw W9OKI
        147 N. Buckingham Drive
        Sugar Grove, IL 60554