Contacts - Officers and Committee Listings 

f you have a general question or request for information please reach out to [email protected],

You can contact our club via:
 - Mail at address on the right
 - Attending a meeting on the second Tuesday of the month
 - E-mail at the addresses below

If you wish to volunteer for a special event, please contact the appropriate chairperson.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 673
Batavia, IL  60510

Officers and Committee Listings

Board of Directors
President: Kermit Carlson W9XA
Vice President: Dan Nolan WA9FRY
Treasurer: Dan Harmon WA9YKK
Secretary: Art Shuter NN9I
Past President: Terry Todd W9AUV

president {at}
vicepresident2024 {at}
treasurer {at}
secretary {at}
pastpresident {at}

Will Sperling W9WSS - repeater board
Patrick Brod K9ANL - field day chair
John Greusel KC9OJV - technical committee
Paul Mitchell KC9SEB - meeting activities / presentations

director1 {at}
director2 {at}
director4 {at}
director3 {at}

Nets / Repeater
License Trustee (W9CEQ): Kermit Carlson W9XA
License Trustee (W9NE): Denny Barfuss W9HI
Net Control Manager: Curt Sauer W9YNP
Repeater Board:
   Chairperson: Kermit Carlson W9XA
   License Trustee: Kermit Carlson W9XA
   Secretary: Patrick Brod K9ANL
   Member 1: Will Sperling W9WSS
   Member 2: Pete Walter K9PW
   Member 3: Curt Sauer W9YNP

nco {at}

repeater {at}
president {at}
director2 {at}
director1 {at}

[email protected]

Webmaster - Mark Van Daele K9MEV admin. - Mark Van Daele K9MEV
Database Mg. - Curt Sauer W9YNP
Mail admin. - Curt Sauer W9YNP

webmaster {at}
groupadmin {at}
database {at}
admin {at}

Club Activities
Outreach: Jim Brady W9JB
Public Relations: Jerry Chapman N9JLC
Newsletter Editor: Jerry Chapman N9JLC
100 th Anniversary Chair: Eve Schneider W9EVE
Education leader - Dan Nolan WA9FRY
VE Team leader - Denny Barfuss W9HI
Technical leader - Denny Barfuss W9HI
Refreshment coordinator - Bill Capper WB9LPW
Programs leader - Paul Mitchell KC9SEB
Field Day chair(s) -
 Patrick Brod K9ANL
 Danny Nichols KD9WDW
Facebook Leader - Mike Urso K9FE

outreach {at}
pr {at}
newsletter {at}
vicepresident {at}
education {at}
ve {at}
technical {at}

program {at}

director 2 {at}
fieldday {at}