FRRL Membership

All persons and families interested in amateur radio are invited to participate in FRRL activities and to become members.

Membership rates are as follows: 

  • REG: Regular dues are $30.00 per year,
  • FAM: Family dues are $40.00 per year (family members at the same address)
  • SRC: Senior Citizen dues (65 and older) are $25.00 per year,
  • STU: Student (Full time, under 22) dues are $25.00 per year.
  • MIL: Active Military dues are $25.00 per year.

You can also help support the FRRL Repeaters by making a $10.00 (or more!) annual contribution.

In addition to joining / renewing by mail or at a meeting we now have an online payment option available.  Choose the option that works best for you.

Data Change (Update) Only: If you are a current member and wish to update your info in the club database, you may email the the database chair with the info (database [at] or you may use the form in Step 1 by filling in your name, call, and any data that has changed.  If you are only doing a data change, step 2 (payment) is not required.

Online payment Option:

You pay submit your membership information and payment online using the following two steps.  Please note: Both steps must be completed for new members or renewals.

Repeater Fund Donations


Step 2:  Choose your membership type again below (Regular, Senior, Family, etc.) THEN click "Pay Now" to continue with your payment options thru PayPal. Note: You do not need a PayPal account to pay with this method.  You may enter a credit card for payment on the PayPal page.

Regular & repeater options
Family & repeater options
Senior 65+
Senior 65+ & repeater options
Student & repeater options
Military & repeater options
Mail-in or Carry-in Option:

The traditional method for joining our club is to fill in the Membership Application and mail it in with a check or bring it to a club meeting to give to our treasurer along with your payment.

If renewing your membership at the meeting, the club treasurer will have your pre-filled in application for you to review, update, return, and get a receipt.

New members or those renewing via postal mail may fill in the PDF form below and print to mail in or bring to a meeting along with your payment.

1. Open or download the form at the right then fill it out on your computer.
  - If renewing or only providing information changes please enter your call sign, name, and any new information. There is no need to re-enter info that is not changing.

2.  Save the completed form on your computer as your copy.

3.  Print the completed form and mail it with your check for your membership type and optional repeater support to:

P.O. Box 673
Batavia, IL  60510