President's Welcome  

Fox River Radio League is home to amateur radio operators in the Fox River Valley. Our mission is to be a vehicle for the exchange of information, for improving operating skills, and for promoting enjoyment of amateur radio communications. We welcome all who share an interest in the hobby.

Our group meets monthly in Kane County to discuss events and projects, enjoy conversation with like-minded individuals, and learn about diverse aspects of radio during planned programs. In addition to these meetings, we host a Hamfest each summer as well as operating activities like Field Day, Radio in the Park, the HF Challenge, and other on-air events, and we participate in community events as needed to provide communications services. We also conduct licensing classes at no cost for those who are preparing to test for an upgrade or for their first ticket. VE test sessions are held every other month.
2014 FRRL President - Dawn, KC9LQS
Photo by Jeff, N9JZN
FRRL members represent a diverse group of individuals. We are young and old; male and female; brand new operators and lifetime hams. Whatever your background or experience, there is a place for you among us.

Members of FRRL serve as a willing resource for those who are new to the hobby. Here, you will find Elmers with years of experience and a world of knowledge about all aspects of radio communication. We work hard, and play hard, and believe that everyone with the desire and ability to earn a license has something that they, in turn, can offer to those who join our ranks. We are a family joined by the common desire to promote and preserve the art and science of radio.

When you join FRRL, you will learn; you will grow; you will explore and discover amateur radio and carve your own niche, making your experience of and contribution to the hobby uniquely your own. If this is already the ham you are, or if it is the kind of ham you’d like to be, check us out.

Join us for an upcoming meeting and find out more about the group. We meet at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at Bethany Lutheran Church, 8 S. Lincoln in Batavia. Be sure to mention that you’re a first-time visitor and receive a small token of our thanks for your interest. Questions? Contact me via email to president [at]

73 de Dawn Williams KC9LQS